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Testimonials – Breath Body Balance


“The most profound treatment I’ve had in a long time! Daisy has a beautiful motherly energy that allows you to surrender into the deepest areas of your self with the amazing Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage technique.”
– Judit Yague Mateu, Healer, Ibiza


“I was fortunate to have a number of breath-work sessions. It was a deep journey of healing and balancing, held in a wonderful space by Daisy. I felt really safe and able to let whatever needed to move move. I was amazed by how powerful and transformative the process was. I can wholeheartedly recommend the sessions with Daisy to anyone interested and open to this wonderful and gentle technique.”
– Dominic Sands, Sound Engineer, Goa & UK

“My experience of Chi Nei Tsang blew my mind. It was an education as to what was happening internally, how that translates emotionally, and what that means moving forward. Everything was clear, resonant and profoundly moving. I would highly recommend Daisy and her extensive experience in translating the bodies experience into an understanding of the heart and mind ♥️ – do not hesitate, she is magic.”
– Gia Pra-levis, Business Consultant, Ibiza

I had only two breath-work sessions with Daisy but was quite honestly blown away by the impact of her practise. The experience was one of being gently and very compassionately held throughout and the insights gained were truly powerful. I would highly recommend Daisy to anyone wishing to explore this wonderful healing approach.
– Lou Rhodes, Singer Songwriter, UK

“I was lucky enough to have Chi Nei Tsang and Reflexology with Daisy. I was immediately at ease with her because of her lovely nature, beaming smile and healing hands. Thank you so much Daisy, I still use what you taught me.”
– Sam Howe, Yoga Teacher

“I would highly recommend Daisy’s breath-work and massage treatments.  I can’t stop telling people about them, they have changed my life.  I am like a different woman in so many ways and I know it was due, in part, to the benefit of her treatments.  I was having terrible cramping stomach pains prior to the sessions and I have not experienced a single issue since.  I would also say that my view of life and how to manage my life, has also completely changed.  The treatments and the results are absolutely incredible, if your willing to place your trust in Daisy and surrender to the process, you are in for a fascinating journey of self discovery.”
– Kathleen Baillie, Psychic Medium / Intuitive Healer / Clinical Hypnotherapist

“My breath session with Daisy was one of the most powerful and useful experiences of my life. It was an inner journey where I was able to feel all of my chakras come alive. I felt empowered with the insight that I can use my breath to heal and release tension. Definitely the best natural high of my life so far.”
– Shahrzad Sabat,
Videographer & Campaigner