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My Service – Breath Body Balance

“Knowing yourself is the most creative, interesting and difficult journey you
will make and no one can do the journey for you. ‘Know thyself”
– Patsy Rodenburg

I believe a life worth living is one filled with joy. That somewhere along the way too many of us have lost our ability to receive the endless abundance on offer.

I believe that joy is the fruit of a journey focused on being and feeling, rather than doing and acquiring. That the greater we get to know ourselves and make peace with what is, the greater our bliss can be.

I believe our greatest tools for such a journey are optimising our breath, being present in our physical body and finding our personal balance. As such these are my daily practises and guides. 

My greatest wish is for these accessible and empowering tools to be taken up by others, that much like me, might have found themselves depleted or somewhat lost at times.

Following extensive training and an ongoing dedicated personal practise I now offer my service as a breath coach, body worker and yoga teacher. At home sessions are available alongside those from dedicated treatment rooms. 

For further details please click through on any of the Breath, Body and Balance links below.