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Hello – Breath Body Balance



Simply put, I love feeling great – vibrant, energised and in awe with the magic that is this life.

I believe that radiant and alive is our natural state. That even when we face our biggest challenges and pains we can still do so from such a standing. Whether we choose to see life’s hurdles as poison or medicine for growth can be our choice.

As a life long fan of self-discovery and exploring the many tools that aid this process, I believe that anything encouraging us to become more open and honest with ourselves can help us grow as we bring greater clarity to life and more integrity to our relationships.

I believe that by working on ourselves we are best able to truly change and improve society. That the best we can do for others is to be our most open, creative and loving selves. And from such a place all our actions, no matter how small, have a ripple effect that helps create positive change in our world.

This passion for self exploration has led me through a myriad of spiritual pursuits, from a solitary vision quest on a mountain side, nine days of silent meditation at a Vipassana centre, ten days of water fasting, countless retreats and much more in-between.

The more I’ve searched the stronger the message has been. There really is no grand meaning to this life that needs to unearthed, and certainly nothing to be strived for. Just like the abundant nature that surrounds us, my belief is that it simply is about being; and as we start to take the effort out of life we become better able to surrender to it’s incredible beauty.

My daily meditation is to get out of the way of myself by bringing my full attention to meet whatever faces me in the here and now, with total acceptance. For me the greatest tools that support this practise are optimising our breath, being present in our physical body and finding our personal balance.

My greatest wish is for these accessible and empowering tools to be taken up by others, that much like me, might have found themselves depleted or somewhat lost at times. Following extensive training and an ongoing dedicated personal practise I now offer my service as a breath coach, body worker and yoga teacher.

I offer 1-2-1 sessions throughout the year and can offer them from my own space or within clients’ homes (please see the Events section for latest updates on my geographical location).  I welcome any opportunity to collaborate, be it hosting a workshop at a studio or playing a part on someone else’s retreat.

If interested in exploring more please get in touch via: daisy@daisyamore.com






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