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Breath – Breath Body Balance

“The quality of our breath expresses our inner feelings”
– TKV Desikachar




“When you own your breath,

nobody can steal your peace”


Breath is life. From our first gasp to our last sigh, our breath forms our connection to this world. The degree to which we allow the flow of life to breathe through our body and mind profoundly influences our consciousness. We can live on the surface or go deep within the depths of existence, the choice is ours and it starts with every inhale.

The quality of our breath provides a mirror to our inner world and energetic state. When we are nervous or agitated our breath becomes short, erratic, at times non-existent (the average person holds there breath up to eight times in just a minute). When our breath flows continuously and calmly so does our experience of life.

When negative emotions arise we can make a habit of restricting our breath to our chest and above. Whilst limiting our experience of a perceived painful experience we in turn stuff the emotions deep down into the body. Causing us to carry around multiple layers of old emotional package that limit and restrict us.

As our main form of nourishment and detoxification, and something that’s with us 24/7, for anyone seeking greater health (be it physical, emotional or spiritual) then the breath is where to start. Let vibrancy become your natural state of being, rather than a rare or occasional state.

In Inspirational Breathing we maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the breath by returning to that which we came into this world with – a baby’s breath. By utilising the body’s natural breathing apparatus and placing effort only where it’s required, we are able to flood the body with prana (life force energy). Boosting oxygen in the brain, increasing serotonin and endorphins, and lowering cortisol levels. By increasing our energetic field with higher vibrations we also allow any lower level energies within the body to surface, be fully experienced and released.

Through this increased energy and emotional clearing you will come away lighter, rejuvenated and with a stronger sense of connection to self, others and life. If we wish to see change on the outside it starts with the work we commit to within ourselves.

Inspirational Breathing is centred around the infinite wisdom of the body. As such any releases or insights during the session come from a deep sense of knowing from within, with no need for analysis, interpretation or drama. If you’ve heard of breath workshops full of whaling and screaming then Inspirational Breathing is very much different to this.

The elements of touch (massage), sound (chakra toning), movement and affirmations are also interwoven into each session, with their uses varying depending on what’s most required in the moment.

Sessions typically last for 90mins (2hrs being required for the first one).


UK / Europe:
£100 for one session
£275 for three sessions
£450 for five sessions


Or supersize your session by combining with a bodywork treatment. Massage can be a brilliant tool for dropping your body into it’s healing parasympathetic nervous system, allowing for maximum release and rejuvenation during the breath session. Check out the Body section for further details.

Sessions available at your place or mine – please check the Events section for my geographical location at time of enquiry.

For those with restricted budgets please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if we can negotiate an accessible rate or trade.

Enquiries and bookings via daisy@daisyamore.com


I had only two breath-work sessions with Daisy but was quite honestly blown away by the impact of her practise. The experience was one of being gently and very compassionately held throughout and the insights gained were truly powerful. I would highly recommend Daisy to anyone wishing to explore this wonderful healing approach.
– Lou Rhodes, Singer Songwriter, UK