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Body – Breath Body Balance

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”
– Jim Rohn


A firm believer in our body’s infinite wisdom being superior to that of our over-controlling mind, whilst our words tend to be reflections of what we think we are feeling, our bodies speak our truth. Through the practise of ‘bodywork’, physical or energetic engagement with the body, be that anything from massage to reiki, we can bypass the confusion of our thoughts and allow the body to heal in ways our minds will never fathom.

Our fascia (connective tissue that pervades every part of our body) have been proven to hold cellular memory. Just as we carry an infinite number of recollections of our past, so too do we keep unresolved issues locked within our body.

I invite you to allow your body to lead the way to greater health and lighter living through and of the following treatments:


Holistic therapy treats the body as a ‘whole’, meaning that whilst we will be working on a physical level the massage will benefit your mind and spirit also; bringing you back to a sense of balance in order for your body to best heal and rejuvenate itself.

Just as every being is unique, as is each massage session; working to your specific needs at that time. Through our consultation process together we will be able to best tailor your treatment, from establishing which specific body parts need greatest attention to the appropriate depth of touch.

Daisy qualified with an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage (Level 3) with Merit in 2008. She has since trained in Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Tula Massage.


Chi Nei Tsang uses massage techniques over the very centre of our body – the abdomen. According to oriental medicine our hara or tan tien (positioned just below the navel) is both our centre and origin of vital energy. This potent area provides access to all our major organs and is the hub of what is widely considered as our 2nd brain – the enteric nervous system.

By stimulating the internal organs to work more efficiently we are able to address all the body systems (from digestion to respiration), eliminating toxins, promoting healing and improving your vital life force energy. Our 2nd brain also acts as a window to our mind, providing insight into underlying emotional issues that we might not be fully conscious of.

Daisy trained in Chi Nei Tsang Levels I and II in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Master Trainer Ohm Rinraya in 2017.


If our eyes are our window to the soul then it can be said that our feet are the windows to our body.

Reflexology is based on the premise our feet (alongside our hands and ears) have the whole of our bodies mapped out on them via reflex points. Thus by massaging solely the feet one can restore and improve the health of entire being.

Reflexology is believed to reduce and clear congestion, inflammation and tension within the body. Both on an energetic level (removing any blockages within our life force energy – Qi), and on a chemical level (via pressure received in the feet sending signals to harmonise the nervous system and or releasing neurotransmitters, such as endorphins to reduce stress and pain.

As with all holistic therapies, Reflexology works by restoring balance to the body, in order for it to be best equipped to heal itself.

Daisy qualified with an ITEC Diploma in Reflexology (Level 3) with Merit in 2012.

REIKI (Energy Healing)

Reiki is a system of subtle energy healing originating from Japan. It relaxes, de-stresses and promotes healing on all levels – spiritual, mental, physical and emotional. Through releasing energetic blocks within our chakra system we are able to promote healing within both the subconscious and conscious self. Reiki beautifully complements all healing modalities and as such Daisy often integrates this practise as part of the other treatments if permitted to.

Daisy was initiated in Reiki Level I and II in Koh Phangan at the Orion Healing Centre in 2017, and then as a Reiki Master in Kerela at the start of 2019.


UK / Europe:
£75 for one hour
£100 for 90 minutes
£120 for two hours

Any of the above treatments can be offered for 1hr to 2hrs.
Longer treatments (1.5hrs+) can combine two or more of the above treatments as desired.

Treatments available at your place or mine, or at a dedicated treatment centre (please check Events section for my geographical location at time of enquiry).

For those with restricted budgets please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if we can negotiate an accessible rate or trade.

Enquiries and bookings via daisy@daisyamore.com

“I was lucky enough to have Chi Nei Tsang and Reflexology with Daisy. I was immediately at ease with her because of her lovely nature, beaming smile and healing hands. Thank you so much Daisy, I still use what you taught me.”
– Sam Howe, Yoga Teacher