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Balance – Breath Body Balance

“The less effort you put in, the more powerful you will be”
 – Bruce Lee





Uniting body and mind through breath, yoga, when approached correctly, can be a brilliant way of of finding balance within ourselves and thus life. Just as it’s important to eat a diet that balances us (rather than a a balanced diet in and of itself) so should our yoga practise be personalised to best suit our individual needs.

Yoga has played a significant role in my life journey since my first discovery of a sun salutation aged eight. Throughout my 20’s yoga provided a steady refuge from the anxieties of life, when I was battling a toxic-overload of stressful work, excess partying and an unhealthy lack of self love. Nourishing me with much needed grounding, stability and a brighter, wider perspective on life.

The more I practised the better I felt. Leading me to dive deep into the vast spectrum of styles, classes and teachers that London has on offer. Whilst I have time and appreciation for them all my current focus is with Yin yoga.

As taught within various Yogic teachings, Chinese philosophy and Buddhism, if we are seeking a sense of health and balance then we are constantly looking for the middle ground. When we are in our centre all is harmonious and well. Various things will take us off centre and we continually oscillate (like much a tight rope walker) to maintain this middle ground.

In our modern fast paced lives, filled with smart phones and the endless possibilities of distractions, it’s increasingly rare to find the much needed of stillness, reflection and calm. For me Yin yoga provides the perfect tonic here.







Yin is a more traditional practise of yoga, from it’s original purpose of preparing the body for the deeper practise of meditation. In Yin poses are held for extended periods of time (from one minute through to 20) and stillness of the body is paramount. Through stilling the body we can calm the breath which in turn calms the mind (e.g. taking a somewhat back door approach to meditative practises – if you have ever tried to calm the mind using the mind itself you will understand why this alternative route is taken).

Through this stillness and inner focus we create space for ideas and inspirations to arise. Becoming receptive to the realms of infinite possibilities that lay outside the confines of our own imagination, and that can’t be sought though active seeking.

Aside from increased peace and insight, Yin yoga works on the deeper tissues of the body – our ligaments, joints and fascia (connective tissue). Recent research has shown that it’s actually our fascia (not our muscles) that are the key to mobility. If we want to improve our flexibility we need to stress our fascia which is only achieved through the long still holds of Yin. If you’ve been practising yoga for several years and your range of movement still feels restricted then you will have experienced this first hand.

Fascia is described as the story on which our life is written, and serves to explain why we may have emotional experiences during yin yoga. As we stretch and open the fascia, we can unearth old memories stored within the tissues, allowing them to be fully experienced in order to then be released.

The more we come within the better we get to know ourselves and the more of us we can creatively express in the world.


  • Increased mobility, blood flow and decreased blood pressure.
  • Conscious breathing leading to increased prana (life force) intake.
  • Relaxes the nervous system by allowing the body to drop into the
    parasympathetic system (our body’s natural healing state)
  • Greater body awareness – leading to greater understanding of ourselves and in
    turn greater self confidence. Greater receptivity – opening us up to infinite possibilities rather than the limited
    scope of our imagination


£60 for one hour
£80 for 90 minutes
£100 for two hours

For a course of 1-2-1 sessions please get in touch to discuss a discounted rate.
For those with restricted budgets please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if we can negotiate an accessible rate or trade.

Happy to teach from your space or mine – please see Events section for where I’m currently based at time of enquiry or get in touch:

Enquiries and bookings via daisy@daisyamore.com